Safety campaign reminds customers to keep it clear

Thirteen's building safety team is reminding customers to keep their homes and communal areas clear to reduce the risk of an accidental fire.

M0123911 Keep It Clear6

4 Feb 2022

Excessive items around the home is a fire hazard and it’s one of the ways that fires can be caused. It will see a fire spread quickly throughout the home. The consequences are devastating. But, by following some simple safety advice, the risk of a fire can be reduced.

Thirteen’s building safety operations manager Steph Kelley said: “Communal areas must be clear from furniture, carpets, curtains, other items and they must never be used for storage, so there’s always a clear escape route in the event of a fire.

“Mobility scooters are just one example of something we see as a fire risk, especially when they are left within an escape route. They can be incredibly dangerous and must always be correctly stored and maintained.

“A fire will spread quickly when there’s more fuel. Combustible and flammable items such as paper, cardboard, clothing and electrical items can ignite quickly.

“Last year we introduced a new calling card, to alert customers quickly about the importance of keeping communal areas clear. This has streamlined the way in which customers are notified about these fire safety issues, by being able to instantly pop a card through their door if a member of the team isn’t able to speak to the customers immediately. If a customer receives a card, please always follow our safety advice.

“Please keep it clear and reduce the risk of accidental fires.”