Stay safe in your home this Christmas

Thirteen is reminding its customers to take extra care of themselves and their family this Christmas, when there are more dangers around the home.

10 Dec 2018

Every year there are serious accidents, which can easily be avoided by following some simple fire safety tips.

  • Don’t overload plug sockets
  • Check wires are not frayed, and cables are connected to the plug before using any electrical items
  • Switch off Christmas tree lights before you go to bed or leave the house
  • Ensure electrical items have a British or European safety mark
  • Always check that you’ve unplugged electrical items such as hair straighteners and irons when you’ve finished using them
  • Don’t charge mobile phones and laptops overnight or when you go out
  • Never leave cooking unattended or drink alcohol while you’re cooking
  • Don’t light candles near curtains, decorations or anything that can burn, such as paper or fabric or plastic surfaces such as baths and never leave them unattended