Teesside University is asking for help to research views of policing during covid-19

Experts from the Teesside University are heading a research project that looks into the public perceptions of policing during the coronavirus pandemic, and they're asking for your help.


10 Jun 2020

They'd like your input so they can understand people’s individual experiences and points of view and will use these to help inform future practice. This will be completely confidential.

The project will analyse data on the number of enforcement notices and warnings issued by Cleveland Police during the crisis. Plus, they’ll seek views from the public on how at-risk groups in the community perceive Cleveland Police's implementation of coronavirus rules.

The study will also help identify how communities would like Cleveland Police and the Commissioner’s Office to engage with them during social distancing, when usual face-to-face engagement is limited.

The findings will be used to help the Police and Crime Commissioner in his work with Cleveland Police and will give the Force valuable insight from the public as they drive forward their improvement plans.

Marty Chamberlain, Professor of Criminology and the University’s lead for its Centre for Social Innovation, who is part of the project team has set up a blog where you can find out more about the study, as well as take part in the survey https://policingcovid.wordpress.com/

Alternatively, you can take part by emailing the team at communitymailbox@tees.ac.uk