Thirteen Academy: All about you

Thirteen is about much more than building and managing homes. And part of that is helping people in our community to overcome personal and financial barriers to make the most of themselves.


24 Oct 2019

This year we launched the Thirteen Academy in partnership with Teesside University, to give a number of customers the chance to study for a degree with course fees paid by us. The scheme supports people from low-income households, who might not otherwise consider applying to university, to study for a degree.

And here is our first cohort! Some of our class of 2019 as they embark on their degrees, pictured with some of our involved customers.

“Thirteen Academy is a fantastic opportunity for those who live in a Thirteen home and are on a low-income to study for a degree and land their dream job,” said Ian Wardle, Thirteen’s chief executive.

“These students are a perfect example of the Thirteen Academy in action and it is hugely rewarding to see them on their way to achieving their aspirations. I’d like to wish them all every success at university and in their future careers.

“At Thirteen, we are wholly committed, not just to providing high quality homes for people to live in, but to supporting our customers to reach their full potential.”