Thirteen awarded green credentials

We’ve been awarded green credentials, reaffirming our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

Environmental Team

2 Aug 2023

We have achieved ISO 14001:2015 accreditation, which measures how well an organisation is reducing its negative impact on the environment and the management system that has been put in place to do this.

Executive director of assets Paul Jenkins said: “We put down firm foundations when we launched our environmental campaign a few years ago and we’re fortunate to have a dedicated environmental team taking our commitments forward and ensuring that everyone has responsibility for playing their part.

“It demonstrates everything we’re doing, from how we manage our waste through our own unique recycling centre to our use of renewable energy, how we’re making our homes more energy efficient and the environmental projects to protect green spaces that we’re working on with our communities.”

Making sure that our customers, colleagues and organisations, such as contractors and our supply chain, are on board with the journey to net zero is a priority.

Thirteen’s environmental plans will see all of its homes with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C by 2030 and meet the government’s net-zero ambitions by 2050 – and also reach net zero carbon on our direct business emissions by 2035.

Chief executive Matt Forrest added: “This achievement is fantastic and testament to the commitment we have in making a positive impact on the environment.

“This is about continual improvement, and we’ll be working together to get better year on year.”