Thirteen begins building new skills to reach net zero

A team of gas engineers at Thirteen are leading the way with new skills to install green technology.

group of engineers with airsource heating systems

29 Apr 2021

Thirteen has been working in partnership with Daikin, who have carried out the intense training with the team of engineers and the investment installation team, to enable them to install and maintain renewable heating systems which will benefit customers in the future.

This means that Thirteen’s mechanical and electrical team has successfully achieved certification from the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) - an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme and requirement of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme that all heating systems are certified by MCS.

As part of the organisation’s investment plans, customers living at Oval Grange in Hartlepool are benefitting from the sustainable technology, providing them with green, cost effective heating which is expected to save customers up to 30% on their annual energy bill.

The first phase of the scheme has seen the electric storage heaters in 21 homes replaced with new airsource heating, with a further 35 to be installed in the remaining homes over the coming months.

This is just one step to upskill the workforce to benefit customers and the environment, as part of Thirteen’s Take Control Campaign, which will see the organisation achieve its goals to becoming a much greener organisation, in line with the government’s target of 100 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.

Using this technology means there is no need to lay pipes to supply gas to properties. It’s safe and reliable for the customers, with no carbon monoxide, greenhouse emissions or fear of gas leaks. The air source heat pumps work by extracting the heat from the air outside the house and pumping it through the heat exchanger providing up to 30% renewable heat.

Executive director of assets Paul Jenkins said: “There is a huge skills challenge around net zero. A big part of it will be upskilling our workforce so that they can install and maintain sustainable heating systems in the future. It’s important for us that we begin that training now.

“This is a fantastic achievement for the gas mechanical and electrical team, who have worked incredibly hard to achieve this certification for Thirteen and gain a wealth of knowledge and skills.

“We’re continuing to look at how we can provide more efficient ways of keeping our customer’s heating bills as low as possible, as we continue to move towards our goals of becoming carbon neutral.”