Thirteen highlights the dangers of building sites at a local primary school

Staff members from Thirteen’s property services have been working with a local primary school to help highlight the dangers of building sites.

Tilery School Site Safety

18 Dec 2018

More than 260 children aged between five and 11 years-old at Tilery Primary School in Stockton, listened to a safety talk from site agent Andrew Towler and customer liaison advisor Gill Sweeney, about building sites and why you should not play near one, after Thirteen’s investment team recently started work at a site near to the school.

The team launched a poster competition to encourage the children to show what they had learned and the winners were announced at the school assembly, where they received a prize.

The investment team, led by site agent Andrew Towler are working on Ladyport Green near to the school, to convert a fire damaged property into a two-bedroom bungalow.

Customer liaison advisor Gill Sweeney said: “The school is so close to the site that we’ll be working on for some time, so this was a great opportunity for us to work with the children to make sure they understand how to stay safe when they are walking past the site.

“It’s been great to see the children get involved and have fun, we’ve been really impressed with everyone’s efforts. The posters will now be displayed at the site to help transfer this serious message to other members of the community.”

Headteacher Mr Repton added: "Everyone in the school community is very appreciative of the efforts made by Thirteen to ensure that local children remain safe when walking close to their site. Our pupils have really enjoyed learning about building sites and designing their stay safe posters. It has been a really worthwhile and important project.”