Thirteen invests in vital life-saving equipment

Staff at Thirteen, who support older and vulnerable members of the community, have increased the level of service through investment in a vital piece of life-saving equipment


7 Nov 2017

The company’s assistive technology team helps people live independently in their own homes through a range of equipment, including pendant alarms and motion detectors, which are linked to its 24/7 monitoring centre.

Now the team has been equipped with a defibrillator as an additional means of support for the 5,500 customers that access the service across the Hartlepool area.

Already trained in first aid, the assistive technology team now also has received training in how to operate the defibrillator – a portable device that checks heart rhythm and can send a high-energy electric shock to the heart to try to restore the normal heart rhythm of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest.

This means that members of the team called to an emergency at a customer’s home are able to use the machine and help keep the person who has taken ill, alive until an ambulance crew arrives.

Chris Breed, Thirteen’s assistive technology team leader, said: “We continually examine new ways of providing the best possible service to the vulnerable and older people whom we help to live independent lives in their own homes.

“In the past our staff would administer CPR, until an ambulance arrived, if called to a person suffering cardiac arrest.

“However, a defibrillator can help give the best chance of survival to someone and our staff having this life-saving equipment at their disposal when attending emergency calls further enhances the service and support we are able to provide.”

Thirteen’s Assistive Technology Service is available not only to its tenants, but also vulnerable and older members of the public in the wider community.