Thirteen is making a clean sweep

A new environmental campaign has been launched by Thirteen that focuses on improving the environment and building pride in our local communities.

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20 Aug 2018

The ‘clean sweep’ campaign is initially delivering twelve ‘weeks of action’ to tidy up estates across the Tees Valley with the highest levels of reported environmental issues.

As part of the pilot that started earlier this month, the teams are spending time in a particular neighbourhood tackling issues such as path and road cleaning, weed removal, fencing repairs, grass cutting, hedge trimming plus rubbish fly tip removal

Russell Thompson, executive director for property, said:

“Our customers and estates are at the heart of everything we do and we’re committed to delivering the best service we can.

“The campaign involves identifying areas with the highest levels of environmental blight and tackling them with a high profile presence.

“We hope it will encourage residents to take pride in their estates and help us with the on-going regeneration and maintenance of our communities.”

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