Thirteen launches winter campaign to help customers

Thirteen has launched a campaign to remind customers to prepare, stay warm and take care of themselves this winter.


1 Nov 2018

Staff members from Thirteen’s property services, neighbourhoods and the contact team will be working together to help customers and raise awareness of some simple steps they can take to make sure they are prepared this winter.

Director of investment and maintenance Nik Turner said: “The cold weather affects us all, including our relatives, friends and neighbours, but particularly older and vulnerable people in our community.

“With winter just around the corner, there are many things customers can do to help themselves prepare, such as making sure that their boiler has had its annual service and checking they know how their thermostat and radiator valves work, so they can set their heating to come on earlier before their home gets too cold.

“During the winter months our trade operatives are extremely busy, so we need to prepare for any changes in weather so that we can respond to the extra demand that it brings. We’re asking customers to think about what they can do to help themselves, to prepare and know what they are responsible for in their own home.”

Customers can find out more on Thirteen’s website