Thirteen leads the way with unique environmental centre

Thirteen is opening a state-of-the-art, environmental centre in Billingham that will revolutionise the way it handles waste and puts the organisation at the forefront of its green agenda.


21 Sep 2020

The exciting and innovative centre, which is unique in the region and housing sector, will ensure that Thirteen has complete control over its waste management and processing. It is aiming to reduce its waste to landfill by as much as 95% by reducing, upcycling and recycling its waste.

The centre’s solar photovoltaic panels will maximise on-site clean renewable energy generation, reducing electricity consumption from the grid. The estimated 35,000 kWh of power a year generated will be enough to make the site entirely self-sufficient. The system is expected to reduce carbon emissions by around 50 tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year.

The centre which boasts its own weighbridge, will also offer:

  • An innovation lab to test new technology to make homes safer and greener and smarter
  • An ecology centre, run by Thirteen’s environmental specialist, which will provide a unique community resource, with classrooms for local children, beehives, chickens, bat boxes, trees and planting, to increase the site’s biodiversity
  • An upcycling department for furniture from empty properties, offices and unsaleable stock from furniture stores which can be refurbished to help the most vulnerable and those in need
  • A new base for the grounds maintenance team with ample storage for materials and equipment
  • Office space and meeting room facilities to support agile working
  • A new van washing facility for trade operatives, saving money and time on destination car washes.

Director of facilities management Scott Lowther said: “This is an ambitious project, but one that is very close to all our hearts at Thirteen.

“This state-of-the-art investment means we can reduce costs, improve efficiencies, invest in people and improve our local environment.

“I am really proud that the environmental centre, which will continue to evolve will no doubt be a landmark scheme for the sector.

“Having the ability to control our own waste and its processing, as well as being able to educate and engage people on the impacts on the environment is a real leap forward that will contribute towards cleaner, greener neighbourhoods.”