Thirteen pledges its support to Net Zero North

Thirteen has pledged its commitment to decarbonisation and a greener, healthier future by becoming Campaign Partners of the Northern Housing Consortium’s #OurNorth Net Zero campaign.

OurNorth Net Zero Campaign Partner

4 Sep 2020

The Northern Housing Consortium (NHC) is a membership body representing the views of over 90% of housing providers across the North of England, including councils and housing associations.

#OurNorth Net Zero will help NHC members tackle the climate crisis through a mix of groundbreaking research and education, alongside influencing work with key politicians and policy makers.

NHC’s #OurNorth Net Zero events will help members build connections and knowledge so that they can confidently and efficiently upgrade their homes.

Two pieces of research will further support these events: a project alongside IPPR North that will demonstrate the jobs and skills potential of retrofit in the North of England; and an evidence tool which will demonstrate the relative costs and benefits of interventions in different types of homes in the North, including fuel bill savings for tenants and savings to the NHS from improved health.

The Consortium’s influencing activity will help the North secure the policy and resources needed to renew existing homes. This decarbonisation of social housing stock in the North of England will improve the lives and health of millions of people, creating tens of thousands of jobs and make a significant contribution to Government priorities on levelling-up and reaching Net Zero.

Northern Housing Consortium Chief Executive Tracy Harrison said: “The climate crisis is very real and with a quarter of the North’s carbon emissions coming from homes housing definitely has a role to play in making a better future for everyone. Thanks to our Campaign Partners who support our vision for a Net Zero North we are able to run a comprehensive programme for our members that will help councils and housing associations in our communities undertake vital action with confidence.”

Senior environmental manager Sam Granger said: “We’re incredibly proud to be supporting this campaign. We’re looking forward to working together to share ideas as we put our plans in place to achieve our goals to becoming much greener organisation.”

Each week through the Autumn, the NHC are hosting a webinar covering a different aspect of housing decarbonisation and we’ll be getting involved – enabling housing organisations in the North to learn from each other and from national experts.