Thirteen provides a home to 200,000 bees

Thirteen’s unique environmental centre is providing a home to over 200,000 bees.

Environmental Specialist John Woods

20 May 2021

Today, on World Bee Day Thirteen is raising awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving bees.

Experienced beekeeper and environmental specialist John Woods has been privileged to bring in four colonies of bees into the bee enclosure at Thirteen’s ecology centre, on the site of the recycling centre, to educate people about what bees do for us in the world and why they are so incredibly important.

John said: “The bees moved into our ecology centre in Billingham in September last year and we will soon be working with community groups to raise awareness of the environment and nature and how we can all make a positive environmental impact.

“Bees are extremely important. They are vital to the environment and the economy.

“Bees are commonly known for honey, but they’re very clever, hardworking little creatures behind many foods which we take for granted and eat every day.

“They pollinate over 70% of the food we eat, fertilising plants so they can produce fruit and vegetables.

“Without bees, our supermarkets would have around half of the fruit and vegetables that we see today. Sadly, the population of bees is threatened by the loss of habitats and climate change.

“By having four colonies at the centre, we’re doing our bit to protect them.

“Not far from the centre, there’s a lot of arable land and a lot of farming. This is great for the bees. It allows them to go out and feed and bring back pollen and nectar and make honey, which we’ll be sharing with communities and colleagues.

“Anyone can take action to prevent the decline of bees, like we have at Thirteen. But just a little help from everyone in the way of not using pesticides and planting more flowers and trees, will all play a part in protecting the bees.”