Thirteen rents in April 2017

Tenants of Erimus Housing, Housing Hartlepool, Tees Valley Housing and Tristar Homes will see a rent reduction for the second year in succession.

14 Mar 2017

This is the result of a Government intervention to reduce the rents charged by social landlords by 1% each year for four years starting from April 2016.

There are some exceptions to this which affect properties known as non-social rent products.

The reductions only apply to the basic property rent. Some households, typically those that access their homes via communal areas, are likely to have a service charge added to their basic rent and some of these will increase from April 2017 to cover the cost of services supplied.

In summary:

  • There are 28,046 social rent properties across Thirteen Group that will receive the 1% rent decrease in April 2017.
  • From April, the average rent will reduce from £84.09 to £83.25 per week.
  • The average rent decrease is 84p. • The maximum individual decrease is £1.72.
  • The minimum individual decrease is £ 0.54.

We have sent letters to customers to tell them how they will be affected by these changes. For more details about your rent or anything to do with your home, please contact us.