Thirteen takes top ten spot in the climate champions power list

We are delighted to announce that Thirteen has been recognised for its dedication to improving its environmental impact.

Climate Champions Power List Sam Granger

4 Dec 2020

Head of environmental sustainability Sam Granger has been awarded eighth place in the Climate Champions Power List, which was announced at the Homes UK virtual event.

The Climate Champions Power List recognises individuals for their efforts, achievements and innovations in tackling the climate emergency and celebrates those who are driving positive change in the sector.

Leading Thirteen’s dedicated environmental team Sam launched the Take Control campaign earlier this year, which is about everyone at Thirteen taking responsibility and helping achieve its goals to becoming a much greener organisation. The campaign is engaging and influencing customers and colleagues, empowering them to make a difference. It’s very much a team effort with eco ambassadors – a network of colleagues driving the campaign.

The team has engaged with professionals in the sector and taken the initiative, recognising that collaboration is vital, by leading the North East Carbon Group, which has around 15 organisations within its membership, sharing knowledge and best practice.

The team has worked with stakeholders, to develop mutual benefit relationships, taking a collaborative approach in supporting our communities and customers to improve the local environment.

Sam said: “This is a fantastic achievement, not only for me personally, but for Thirteen. The passion and dedication from colleagues I work with every day is making a real difference. “This is something to celebrate and something that I’m very proud of.”

Executive director of assets Russell Thompson added: “This is so well deserved and is clear recognition of the great work Sam and the team at Thirteen are doing to ensure we put down firm foundations in achieving our zero carbon expectations. It doesn’t stop at Thirteen and Sam continues to work with north east colleagues to bring a real collaborative approach to the whole agenda.”

You can see the full list at HOMES UK - Climate Champions Power List