Thirteen's G1 and V1 ratings confirmed by the Regulator of Social Housing

We are pleased to announce that we’ve retained our G1/V1 regulatory gradings following the regulator's annual stability check on registered providers owning more than 1,000 homes.

Whitby Site

25 Jan 2024

The stability checks, which are based on data submitted to the regulator, focus on providers’ financial resilience and consider changes to their risk profile, including external economic factors beyond their control.

G1 is the highest rating a housing provider can achieve and indicates that we meet the regulator’s governance requirements. V1 is the highest rating for financial viability, indicating that we meet the regulator’s viability requirements and have the financial capacity to deal with a range of adverse scenarios.

Thirteen's chief executive, Matt Forrest said:

"To remain G1/V1 rated is a fantastic achievement and a real testament to the hard work of colleagues. As we enter 2024, organisations and individuals continue to face many challenges. These results demonstrate that we are a well-run organisation, in a strong position to continue delivering and investing in our services to customers.”