This year’s investment plans to improve thousands of homes

Over the next year Thirteen’s investment programme is set to improve the quality of thousands of homes.

Investment 2019 2

2 Apr 2019

The programme will involve carrying out £34.1m of internal and external improvements on homes across the Tees Valley and beyond.

This includes replacing over 215 kitchens and around 80 bathrooms. Almost 1,640 properties will receive new windows and 680 properties will receive new external doors.

This work will help reduce our customer’s fuel bills, with around 1,760 new boilers being installed over the year, making homes more energy efficient and cost effective.

The investment will make a real difference to customers, enhancing the appearance of the homes and the area they live in, making them great places to live.

Director of asset management and sustainability Paul Jenkins, said: “We’re continuing to invest in the homes that we own and manage and the communities we serve because it’s important to the customers we have now and the ones we want to attract in the future.

“This year’s investment plan will see over 4,000 properties receive improvement work which is fantastic news for our customers and affirms our commitment to deliver quality places to live and to improve our neighbourhoods”.

The type of investment carried out and when, depends on a number of things like the age and condition of the property’s fittings, such as kitchens and bathrooms, heating systems and wiring.

The work will be completed by Thirteen’s property services team and specialist contractors where needed.

Customers living in homes which are scheduled to receive investment, will receive a letter to tell them about the plans. We’ll then contact them to discuss the improvement work and they can ask us any questions they might have.

You can find this year's investment plan on the upcoming maintenance webpage.