Thornaby roof replacement scheme completed ahead of schedule

Work to carry out over one hundred roof replacements on a Thornaby estate has been completed ahead of schedule.

Laburnham 1

20 Dec 2018

Thirteen’s design and delivery team have worked in partnership with Wensley Roofing Ltd to replace and upgrade the roofing to almost 120 homes on the Laburnham and Hawthorne estate.

The work, which is part of Thirteen’s £31million investment programme has seen the roofing replaced and chimneys re-pointed to ensure that the customers’ homes are wind and watertight, with low-level vent tiles to help improve ventilation and reduce condensation and mould.

Thirteen’s project manager Stuart Poulter said: “The project has run incredibly well, and it’s been a fantastic team effort. We’ve worked closely with our neighbourhoods team, who have been instrumental, ensuring we could gain access to every property to complete the work.

“The team has finished the project ahead of schedule in time for Christmas and we’ve had excellent feedback from our customers, who have told us it’s made a real difference and their homes feel much warmer.”