Village set to bloom thanks to help from local school

Thirteen has been working with school children to improve the environment in their local village.

Bulbs 1

26 Oct 2020

Hundreds of daffodil bulbs have been planted to brighten the entrance to Scarth Close, in Lingdale.

The children from Lingdale Primary School, aged between six and nine, helped the team dig out the old shrubs and plant the bulbs.

Environmental specialist John Woods said: “When the daffodils bloom in spring the children and their families will be able to enjoy them on their walk to school and watch them grow in the months ahead and continue to take pride in the area.

“It was a real team effort, working with members of our building support team, who work tirelessly in the area, helping to make it a great place to live.

“The children enjoyed getting their hands muddy and wearing their high-vis jackets, so to keep them safe on their journey to and from school with the darker mornings they’ll be able to continue to wear them.

“Many of the children are our customers’ children and to demonstrate our commitment to improving the environment, we’re helping to educate families about nature as part of their school lessons and teach them new skills which they can use at home.

“This project is one of many that we’re working with local communities to improve the environment.”