We're part of the North East Housing Partnership

The North East Housing Partnership brings together social housing providers from around the North East. Our members are housing associations, local authorities and arms length management organisations (ALMOs), that have a strong presence in the part of the North East covered by the new Mayoral Combined Authority.

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18 Mar 2024

Together, we own and manage over 200,000 homes in the North East and are deeply rooted in our communities. We believe that a house is more than a roof over your head. A good quality, well-connected and well-insulated home is something you can build a life around and can act as a catalyst for economic development.

By agreeing to invest, work and plan together in the North East Mayoral Combined Authority, our potential is far more than the sum of our parts suggests. We can achieve economies of scale, shape supply chains, regenerate communities, decarbonise our region, create and prepare people for jobs and support people to live longer, healthier lives.

The North East Housing Partnership is made up of the following North East based housing associations and stock owning local authorities:

  • Thirteen 
  • Believe Housing
  • Bernicia
  • Durham Aged Mineworkers' Homes Association
  • Castles and Coasts
  • Gateshead Council
  • Gentoo
  • Home Group
  • Johnnie Johnson Housing
  • Karbon Homes
  • Livin
  • North Star
  • North Tyneside Council
  • Northumberland County Council
  • South Tyneside Homes
  • Tyne Housing
  • Your Homes Newcastle

Since the devolution deal was announced at the end of 2022, the members of the partnership have come together to collaborate on a prospectus for change.

This sets out our record in four key areas, highlighting work we are already doing, our offer to the region and how we could work with the North East Mayoral Combined Authority to amplify our work, and our asks of the new Combined Authority going forward.

You can read our prospectus in full here.