With Thirteen Academy you could take the leap like Lindsey

A Thirteen Academy scholarship covering course fees at Teesside University is a fantastic opportunity for those who live in a Thirteen home and are on a low income  - as Lindsey discovered.

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14 Apr 2021

“I’ve lived in my Thirteen home in Stockton for nearly eight years, and now I’m studying Psychology at Teesside University. I had wanted to further my education and career for some time, and hearing about the opportunity that Thirteen was offering just added to my determination to go to University.

“So, in 2019 after some tough periods, I decided it was the right time and took that leap for myself and my family. When I found out I had been awarded a scholarship, I was really proud of myself. That in itself was an achievement, even before passing anything at University, and only confirmed I had made the right decision.

“I was still working a lot at the time I completed a foundation year, but I decided to scale back on that for my first year of the degree. Little did I know what was ahead with the situation we find ourselves in now. This first term took some getting used to.

“Winning the scholarship through Thirteen also takes some of the financial burden of the future off my shoulders, knowing that I won’t have so much to pay back once I leave University. It has made a massive difference.”

Undergraduate courses we’re supporting include:

School of Health & Life Sciences - Any nursing, midwifery or health profession programme, health science or food and nutrition programme.

School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law - Any social work programme or education, early childhood and youth programme.

Teesside University Business School – Any business, management, accountancy, marketing and enterprise programme.

The application deadline date is 7 May 2021. To apply please visit www.tees.ac.uk/sections/fulltime/scholarships_thirteen.cfm

If you you'd like to find out more about Thirteen Academy, please call Thirteen’s governance support team on 0300 111 1000 or email governance.compliance@thirteengroup.co.uk