Working with students to create sustainable solutions

Thirteen Group challenged students at Teesside University International Business School to create sustainable solutions for communities.

Working With Students To Create Sustainable Solutions  Thirteen Teesside University

17 Jan 2023

Entrepreneurial students worked on challenges set by the housing provider for their group projects, as part of the sustainability, strategy and society module, for the BA (Hons) Business Management degree.

The projects covered topics including affordable warmth, furniture poverty, recycling and food poverty.

Thirteen have also worked closely with Teesside University to support the students taking part in the challenge to potentially turn their business ideas into reality, through the University’s business incubator, Launchpad. 

Angela Corner, Thirteen’s head of community resilience, said: “Our customers and communities face many social and environmental challenges and have for many years.

“It’s fantastic to have the chance to work with the bright students from Teesside University who can cast a fresh pair of eyes on these challenges.

“With the help of these amazing students, we hope to find new and innovative ways to tackle the challenges, using methods we may not have previously considered.”

Thirteen recently launched their community resilience strategy, which outlines their five-year commitment to empower communities. Their work with Teesside University students builds on their pledge to promote a culture of collaboration within communities and create places where people want to live.  

Bobbi Mitchell, third year BA (Hons) Business Management student, said: “We looked at developing community centres to help make them the more sustainable. It provided us with an opportunity to tackle real social issues, while getting first-hand experience of working with an external client.”

Lauren Dinsdale, third year BA (Hons) Business Management student, added: “It’s beneficial for us to be working with a real live client. It’s providing really good experience.

“It has also brought to light issues, such as paint recycling and paint waste, which some of us maybe weren’t previously aware of.”

Suzanne Withrington, from Teesside University International Business School, said: “This project is a brilliant opportunity for our students.

“Thirteen played an active role throughout the challenge, offering support and expertise and encouraging entrepreneurship.

“It absolutely places practice-based learning at the heart of their experience before they go out into the world of work.”