Anti-social behaviour actions

When you report anti-social behaviour to us there is a range of action that we can take depending on the issue.

There are also things that you can do to help resolve issues.

Action we can take

We take a different approach to solve the problems caused by anti-social behaviour depending on what has happened in each case. The officer dealing with your complaint will decide on the best action in your case, which could include:

  • warnings to the person or people involved
  • mediation between neighbours
  • an agreement that people sign to confirm they won’t carry out any behaviour that causes alarm, distress or harassment
  • enabling the person carrying out the anti-social behaviour to apologise for their actions
  • referrals to specialist support organisations
  • warnings on the tenancy record
  • court orders or injunctions to stop people carrying out certain actions, and removing certain rights from their tenancy
  • possession proceedings including mandatory possession in appropriate cases
  • eviction as ordered by the court.

If I fall out with my neighbour

It’s always best to try and agree on how you and your neighbour can get along in the future.

We’ll expect you to work with your neighbour to sort out the problem and we have trained mediators who can help you both to work through your problems.

What action could I take?

You can take your own legal action against your neighbour but this can be complicated and expensive, so we recommend that you contact a solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice.