Anti-social behaviour process

If you report anti-social behaviour to us we will agree with you the actions needed to tackle the problem.

As part of your tenancy agreement, you have a responsibility for your own behaviour, as well as the behaviour of every visitor to your home. This also applies to behaviour in your local neighbourhood.

Prevention and early action can stop problems from getting worse. When anti-social behaviour is reported to us, we follow this process:

  • we’ll contact you within one working day to discuss the issue and the actions that can be taken, including which other organisations we may need to involve
  • we’ll support you or refer you to specialist organisations if necessary
  • we’ll keep you updated on our actions as agreed.

Find out what action we can take.

Support for victims and witnesses

It can be hard to come forward with information about anti-social behaviour, so we provide help and support for victims and witnesses or refer you to other specialist organisations who can support you.