Apply for Bohouse

To apply for a home in the Bohouse live-work development in Middlesbrough, please complete the form on this page or contact us.

Please note, there's a different application form to apply for Bohouse North. Visit the Bohouse North application page for details. 

For any enquiries about the application process, please contact the Bespoke Lettings Team:

About you

What is your current housing status?
Do you want any other people to live with you at Bohouse?
Do you or anyone else in your household, or any of your close relatives, work for Thirteen?

About your business

How many additional people would be working with you in the property?
Is your business established or just starting up?

You will need to show evidence of your business plan before your application can be considered. See the bottom of this form for more details.

Have you ever been given independent business advice to help develop your business?


You need to provide details of two referees: one should be a character reference and the other should be a financial reference to confirm you can meet your rental payment.

Data Protection

Thirteen promises to keep your data safe and secure and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. We will only use your information to provide the service you have requested and we will not sell your data. You can manage and review your privacy choices at any time by contacting You can view Thirteen’s full Privacy Notice.


You are responsible for the information provided on this form and must click in the declaration box below to confirm the information given is correct and accurate. It is a criminal offence to knowingly or recklessly make a false declaration or withhold information which is reasonably required with your application.

I/we give Thirteen permission to contact my present and/or former landlords and authorise for Thirteen to contact data and credit reference agencies to check the information provided with regards to my/our application.

I/we understand that if it is found that false information has been given to obtain housing within the live-work units, either knowingly or recklessly, action may be taken by the Registered Provider to seek possession of any tenancy granted.

I confirm that the details on this application are correct and I accept that I must inform Thirteen immediately of any change in my circumstances so that the information held on my application is true and accurate.

Do you agree with these terms?

Documents required

We will require the following documents for each applicant to progress your application:

  • proof of identification such as a photocopy of your passport or photo card driving license
  • proof of address (for example a copy of a recent household bill )
  • proof of income: copies of last three consecutive monthly payslips or bank statements
  • your business plan

Please scan and attach your documents below.

Alternatively, please send photocopies of the documents to: Bespoke Lettings Team, BoHouse applications, Thirteen, 2 Hudson Quay, Windward Way, Middlesbrough, TS2 1QG.

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More details

For more details about the application process, please contact the Bespoke Lettings Team: