Commercial property terms

In addition to the housing stock, Thirteen owns and manages a portfolio of shops and offices in the Hartlepool and Stockton areas.

We have a planned programme of substantial investment in our housing stock and we're working towards doing the same for our other properties. We have developed an asset management strategy that will ensure our long-term growth and safeguard the interests of our customers. We are committed to providing a good mix of uses in our shop parades and aim to prevent conflicting uses from trading against each other. We must also ensure that all rents are paid on time and in full and that all lease terms are fully complied with.

The following information will give help and guidance to existing and prospective shop tenants. It contains basic details of our tenancies and requirements together with some useful contacts.

This information should help you decide if you want to consider renting a shop from us, and, if you do, what responsibilities you and we will have.



The lease will be based on Thirteen’s standard five year lease.


Rent is due quarterly in advance. The quarter days are 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October.


It is required that the tenant pays a deposit equal to three months rent at the commencement of the tenancy and will be held for the duration of the tenancy. The money will be held by the landlord in a Deposit Protection Scheme in line with government regulations.

Interest on late payment

If the rent shall remain outstanding for a period in excess of 14 days after the relevant quarter day then interest shall become payable on the full outstanding amount at a rate of 5% above the Bank of England Base Rate.


All repairs to, and decoration of the interior of the property will be your own responsibility. This includes “the fixtures and fittings and the internal sanitary and water apparatus thereof”. Repairs to the exterior of the property and the external security shutters (if provided) will be the responsibility of the landlord.

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance is arranged by the landlord but a provision is made within the lease for the tenant of the property to be re-charged. We will send you an invoice when it becomes due (usually 1 April).

Contents insurance

Contents insurance is the tenant's responsibility.

Plate glass insurance

The tenant is responsible for plate glass insurance and it will be included in the lease that you must arrange this yourself.

Business rates

Business rates are payable by the tenant. You can find out what these charges are from the relevant local authority.

Water rates

Water rates are payable by the tenant. You can find out what these charges are from your local water company.

Trade waste

All tenants are required to enter into a trade waste agreement. The local authority can provide you with a list of approved contractors.

Gas, electricity, telephone and any other charges

All these charges are payable by the tenant. You should make your own arrangements for these supplies.

Planning permission

It is the applicant's responsibility to enquire as to whether planning permission is required for a change of use. To ensure that your business operates within planning regulations we recommend that you contact the relevant local authority’s planning department.


No alterations to the property are to be carried out without first being authorised by the landlord. Please contact the commercial property team on 01642 947015 or 01642 947587 with any queries on this matter.

Purchase of existing business

If you are considering purchasing an existing business, please apply to Thirteen first. It is very important to ensure that you will be granted a tenancy before you enter into any contracts or exchange any money, as it is possible that we may not be able to grant you a tenancy. It is also advised that you provide the landlord with details of your solicitor acting on your behalf.

Uses not permitted

Adult/sex retailing, live animals, any illegal use or use of the premises for a hazardous purpose are not permitted.

Lease expiry

Both the landlord and the tenant will have the ability under the terms of the lease to terminate the lease by writing to the other giving at least six months notice. The tenant will remain liable for all charges up to and including the date given in the Notice.

Late opening hours

Although our standard lease permits the tenant to open until 11.30pm, certain uses are required to apply for a licence from the local authority if they wish to open after 11pm. We recommend that you contact the council for verification of this point.

Existing business accounts

If the applicant is already operating a similar sized business of this type we like to see three years trading accounts or, if accounts are not available, the book-keeping records. Proof of identity and proof of address You will need to provide us with proof of ID, ie a passport or photo driving license, and proof of address ie a utility bill or bank statement with your full name (not less than three months old).