Home contents insurance

Thirteen customers can get low cost insurance to cover their belongings, furniture and decoration.

Could you afford to replace your belongings if they were damaged or stolen?

Your personal belongings aren’t covered by Thirteen’s buildings insurance - you need contents insurance to cover personal belongings and home decoration.

As a customer of Thirteen, you can get low-cost insurance to cover your belongings, furniture and decoration. Insurance could cost as little as £33 a year for £9,000 worth of cover. It costs £50 to help you get into your home if you lose your keys - your insurance includes replacing external locks so it could pay for itself if your keys are lost or stolen!

How to apply

There are two companies endorsed by Thirteen that offer competitive contents insurance for customers - RSA and Crystal. Please read the application forms and details from each company below to decide on the company you want to use.

Option one

To arrange immediate cover, call:

  • Crystal Insurance on 0345 450 7286
  • RSA Insurance on 03456 718 172

Option two

Complete one of the application forms:

Crystal contents insurance brochure cover

RSA contents insurance brochure cover

Crystal Insurance application information

Please complete and submit the online application or call 0345 450 7286 to apply over the phone.

RSA Insurance application.pdf

You should print and complete the form and return by post to:

RSA, URIS Group, Quay Point, Lakeside Boulevard, Doncaster, DN4 5PL or by email: datamanagement@ryandirectgroup.co.uk

You can also make a claim online.

Or call 03456 718 172 to apply over the phone

RSA product information.pdf

Make sure that you answer all the questions, including the payment method section and insert all applicants' names in the signature box(es) on the declaration page.