Customer appointments

Being at home for planned repairs appointments and gas and electric compliance checks is really important. When our staff come to your home, please make sure you’re ready for your appointment and in to win!

If our team can’t access your home at the planned appointment time, it means someone else misses out.

To get your repairs, gas and electricity checks completed on time and to help other customers, please be at home for your scheduled appointment.

In to win!

You've got to be In to win £500 shopping vouchers

Everyone who’s at home for their planned appointments will go into our special monthly 'in to win' prize draw.

You could win £500 in shopping vouchers with one winner selected every month.

It’s that easy, you just have to be in to win!

Find the terms and conditions for be in to win.pdf

Call to cancel

If you have an appointment which you know you can’t make, please cancel it. We’ll arrange a new appointment for you and give your previous slot to another customer.

Missed repairs appointments alone, cost Thirteen around £550,000 per year – about the same as fitting 171 new kitchens in customers’ homes – so please let us know if you need to re-arrange.

To cancel your appointment, just contact us.