Customer consultations

As part of our commitment to involve customers in our work, we often ask customers to give us their views on a range of issues.

Our consultations are aimed at improving the way we deliver our services for customers, agreeing standards for the way we provide our services, and finding out what customers think about our strategic plans.

We use a variety of methods to consult with customers, including:

  • face-to-face meetings 
  • paper questionnaires 
  • telephone surveys 
  • email, web and social media surveys.

You can also join in with walkabouts on your estate with your Neighbourhood Officer.

Government consultation

New deal for social housing – Green Paper

The government is reviewing its approach to social housing and are asking for views on the Green Paper which sets out their vision for this.

The Green Paper sets out five core themes as part of 'a new deal for social housing', and proposes a change in the relationship between residents and landlords.

The Green Paper intends to tackle the stigma which has been associated with social housing. Among a range of other issues, the government is looking to ensure that good quality social homes are built as they are needed.

We would encourage our customers and tenants to get involved and have their say on the Green Paper and take part in the debate to influence national policy.

You can get involved by: