Electrical rewire

As part of our investment plans, we carry out an electrical rewire to improve the safety of everyone’s home.

On this page you can find lots of useful information to help you understand more about the work.

Benefits of the work

In most cases this work will:

  • Increase the number of sockets in your home, which removes the need for the excessive use of extension leads.
  • Reduce your electrical energy usage, due to having more energy efficient equipment, such as LED lighting, which we’ll include within your kitchen and bathroom.
  • We’ll add USB sockets within your home to support with charging your mobile devices
  • Improve safety measures by bringing the installation up to current regulations and industry standards.
  • Upgrade your existing fire detection system.

Watch our short video below, which explains everything you need to know and shows you step by step what to expect on each day. 

Our helpful investment liaison advisors are on hand throughout the work to answer any questions.