Gas servicing in your home

We are responsible for carrying out a gas service in our customers’ homes every year.

By law, a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer must service appliances such as gas boilers and gas fires.

Your appointment

We will send you a letter to confirm your appointment. An engineer will visit your home and complete the gas safety check free of charge.

Please make sure there’s someone at home on the appointment date.

If your appointment isn’t convenient, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us.

The checks make sure that the appliances are working and they're safe. When it’s complete, we will give you a copy of the gas safety certificate. 

Benefits of the gas service 

A boiler which is serviced regularly is less likely to break down and leave you with no heating or hot water. If your boiler is serviced every year, it will run efficiently and reduce the amount of energy you use. 

Your responsibilities 

If you own any other gas appliances such as a gas cooker, you are responsible for their maintenance. During the gas safety check, if our engineer thinks the appliance is unsafe, they might disconnect it.

You can read more information about gas safety and the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning on the Gas Safe website.