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Hear from our staff members about what it's like to work at Thirteen.

Support service workers

You can hear from colleagues in some of our care and support schemes talking about the great work they do:

Andrew's story

A view from sheltered housing


Andrew Wilkinson started work with Thirteen as a Housing Support Co-ordinator, working with older people who live in independent living developments in Middlesbrough.

His experiences with Thirteen highlight a range of co-operation and positive work across the company.

He said: “I’ve been working with many teams across Thirteen and noticed a lot of things that I think are positive about the company. Our customer services team was really reactive and helpful with one particular incident that involved an alarm in a tenant’s room. It was quickly resolved and the following day he came down to see me with a smile on his face saying he’d had the best sleep in ages! It was a small thing but it made a big difference to that resident.

“There were also issues with some repairs that were needed in a communal area which were fixed within a really short space of time. This helped me to prove to some hardy residents that we can get things done quickly in the development. “I’ve also been impressed with the quick responses of teams such as Occupational Therapy who have helped a number of residents to live more comfortably in their own flats and bungalows.

“The support I’m getting from other teams across Thirteen has really helped me to spend more time concentrating on things that can really help residents. I’ve even been helping one resident whose wife has died to trace family he has lost touch with. This is something that will really make a bit difference to his life.”

Merilyn's story:

James' story:

Thirteen thanks

One of the ways we encourage members of staff to appreciate the work of colleagues is through a thanks scheme. Staff have the ability to thank each other for the help that colleagues provide in our day-to-day jobs. You can see some members of staff talking about the scheme: