HiLab housing innovation lab

HiLab brings Thirteen’s colleagues, partners and other organisations together to share, design and develop new ideas and solutions for the future of social housing.

We want to showcase and strengthen Thirteen’s contribution to housing innovation and encourage collaboration across the sector.

We're dynamic in the way we innovate, using a variety of tools and techniques to pilot, test, learn and understand the problems we’re trying to solve.

HiLab talks to people and uses creative tools to identify and explore problems. It takes everyone on a journey to design solutions, test them out and turn them into day-to-day business.

Every aspect of our design thinking process has three key values to help us develop solutions that are:

Key value one


Something that our future customers and colleagues want and is appealing to new and existing markets.

Key value two


A solution that is realistically achievable, that doesn’t aim for impractical goals or require resources beyond a project's budget and scope.

Key value three


Solutions that not only save money, but strive to deliver a return on investment and bring in profit.

HiLab is run by Thirteen’s innovation team but will showcase all aspects of housing innovation across our organisation.

We'll update this page with blogs and news to showcase all the fantastic innovation projects happening at Thirteen.

For more information on HiLab or to get involved with our projects, please contact us at: