Home adaptations and re-housing

Members of our independent living team are experts in finding suitable housing for vulnerable or disabled people. We work with local councils and the NHS to offer advice and adaptations to properties to meet people’s individual needs.

This means that if you have any specific requirements, we can work with local authorities and NHS partners to offer advice and install adaptations. This includes:

Minor adaptations

Minor adaptations are small enhancements such as grab rails, lever taps and rails on front doors. In some cases a technical officer may visit your home to assess for any minor adaptations you may need.

Major adaptations

Major adaptations can include work such as installing ramps, widening doors or adding a level access shower. An occupational therapist and technical officer will decide on suitable options for larger adaptations.

In some cases, if the property doesn’t meet your long-term needs or it’s not financially practical to adapt it, moving to alternative accommodation may be the most effective solution for you. You may be re-housed as a medical priority or be eligible for priority housing based on your other needs and situation.

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