Homelessness prevention

Key Step is our homelessness prevention service for people across the Tees Valley who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The team provides housing advice and temporary supported accommodation for people who are homeless or face the threat of homelessness.

Key Step identifies people at risk of homelessness and works with them to provide accommodation, housing advice and person-centred support.

Key Step customer experiences

Key Step offers person centred support to provide customers with the tools to progress confidently into independent living. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Person centred support plan
  • Identifying appropriate accommodation
  • Providing guidance on benefits, debt, and budgeting
  • Encouraging positive life choices
  • Referral to services – employability, CAB, Drug/Alcohol services, Mental Health services
  • Supporting customers to build on their resilience, confidence and overcome barriers
  • Helping customers to maintain their accommodation and be part of a community

If you are homeless or rough sleeping, or at risk of becoming homeless or rough sleeping, you should seek advice from your local council who can offer you housing advice, carry out an assessment of your housing and support needs and refer you for appropriate support.

If your organisation would like more information regarding the services we provide, or if you are working with someone who you think might benefit from our services, please get in touch.


To find out more details about Key Step, please contact: