Leasehold property alterations

If you are a leaseholder with Thirteen and you would like to carry out alterations on your property, you should contact us before you start any work.

General alterations such as painting and decorating don’t require our permission. However, certain types of alteration to your home aren’t permitted; this includes anything that can alter the structure or communal areas of the block you live in.

You may need to pay a fee to make alterations to your home.

On this page, you can complete a form to apply for an alteration.


Work proposed

For work involving alterations to gas or electrical installations, you must employ and accredited contractor (Gas Safe registered or NICEIC registered for electrical work.

All work must comply with statutory requirements, including Part B of the Building Regulations. Any test documentation must be provided to us. Please supply full details of contractors you plan to use to carry out the alteration.

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If your application involves building regulation or planning notification, your local council planning department will need to approve the work. Please give details of any planning approvals.

Applicant notified of required planning approval?

Applicants must agree to indemnify Thirteen against all costs, claims, actions or damages arising as a consequence, if any permission is granted.

The alteration/s become a fixture if left in the property at the end of the tenancy. The applicant must reinstate to the original condition if they want to remove the fixture.

On completion of the work, the applicant should inform us and allow necessary access to carry out a final inspection of the work. Fixtures and fittings removed remain the property of Thirteen and may be removed to storage for future use.

In the event of unsatisfactory workmanship, applicants may be required to reinstate the property to its original condition or alternatively meeting the costs of Thirteen doing the work.

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By clicking submit, you are confirming that you fully understand the above notes and that you agree to your information being used while managing the property alteration process.

Thirteen promises to keep your data safe and secure and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. We will only use your information to provide the service you have requested and we will not sell your data. You can manage and review your privacy choices at any time by contacting You can view Thirteen’s full Privacy Notice.