Maintaining our grounds

We are responsible for making sure that many of the public and communal areas on our estates are well maintained.

This is called grounds maintenance and includes cutting the grass, controlling shrubs and weeds and picking up litter.

To help us do this, we have a regular programme of work which covers:

  • grass cutting on land we own outside the boundary of your home
  • grass cutting in the areas shared by properties, such as gardens in blocks of flats
  • litter picking and controlling fly tipping on the land we own
  • hedge, tree and shrub cutting
  • weed control in areas shared by properties
  • maintaining concreted or tarmac areas.

We own a lot of land on estates so we need to plan when and where we carry out the work throughout the year.

We carry out some of the tasks many times throughout the year, eg grass cutting in the summer. We will visit your estate regularly in the growing season from March to October. 

Nature isn't neat 

Throughout the summer we leave some areas of grass to grow long within our greenspaces, to create more native wildflower meadows and walkways.

This brings many benefits, including:

  • Creating habitats for insects and attracting bees and other pollinators
  • Helps us to cut down on carbon emissions, by running machinery less frequently 
  • By allowing areas to grow, it in turn absorbs more carbon.

How to get involved

If you notice an issue with communal or public grounds near your home, please contact us. Or if you notice fly-tipping, please report it to us. 

You can also discuss our grounds maintenance programme at walkabouts or drop-in sessions with your neighbourhood co-ordinator. You can find out about your next meeting by contacting your neighbourhood co-ordinator.

Home garden cuts

As part of your tenancy agreement customers need to maintain their own garden. But if you're struggling with your garden, please speak to your neighbourhood co-ordinator or contact us.

Trees and the law

Trees can sometimes create problems between neighbours. There is a range of information and advice available about trees and how we manage them, and we have created a brief document to give customers some more details about our tree management procedure.pdf