Mental health support

Anybody can experience issues with their mental health from time-to-time. There’s a range of support available if you or someone you know is facing any mental health problems.

If you think you might need to seek help for a mental health problem, the Mind website has some really useful basic information.

The NHS website has a mood assessment tool if you think you might be depressed or anxious.

There are comprehensive details about mental health support on the NHS website and details about what to do in a mental health emergency. There's also expert and practical tips to help you look after your mental health.

As well as national support, your local council may be able to offer help and information, including:

Support from charities

There are many charities and independent organisations that offer mental health support.

Cruse Bereavement Care offers support and advice for coping with bereavement.

Support from Thirteen

Problems with mental health can be caused be a wide range of issues. Thirteen provides support and information about things that could cause mental health problems:

For details about these or any other support you might need from Thirteen, please contact us.