Middlesbrough homes in development

We develop new homes in the Middlesbrough area to provide affordable quality housing with a variety of housing options - from renting to purchase - to suit your individual needs.

This page gives you details about the new homes being developed in Middlesbrough.

You can get details about all homes available to rent and buy in our find a home pages.

100 homes for affordable rent and shared ownership

Brackenhoe, Middlesbrough


Our Brackenhoe development in Middlesbrough consists of 100 homes - 78 for affordable rent and 22 for shared ownership - and will be made up of:

  • 46 two-bedroom houses
  • 28 three-bedroom houses
  • 26 two-bedroom bungalows.

179 homes



Our Gresham development in Middlesbrough consists of 179 homes made up of:

  • 14 two-bedroom bungalows
  • 30 two-bedroom houses
  • 43 three-bedroom houses
  • 7 four-bedroom houses
  • 85 two-bedroom apartments.

All the properties will be available for affordable rent. You can find out more on the Gresham development webpage.

Case Study

Grove Hill

Our Grove Hill development in Middlesbrough consists of 296 homes which will be made up of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses, and 2, 3 and 4 bedroom bungalows for affordable rent - some homes may be offered for shared ownership.

94 Affordable Homes

Flatts Lane, Middlesbrough

In January 2021, we started work on-site at our development in Normanby, consisting of 94 homes made up of:

  • 22 two-bedroom houses for affordable rent
  • 63 three-bedroom houses for affordable rent
  • 9 four-bedroom houses for shared ownership.

18 flats

Rivers House, Middlesbrough

In March 2021 we started work on-site at our development near the centre of Middlesbrough, consisting of 18 homes made up of:

  • 3 one-bedroom flats for affordable rent
  • 15 two-bedroom flats for affordable rent.

28 affordable homes

South Bank

In March 2021 we started work on-site at our development in the South Bank area of Middlesbrough, consisting of 28 homes made up of:

  • 25 two-bedroom bungalows for affordable rent
  • 3 four-bedroom houses for affordable rent.