Moving into your new home

The information on this page will help you move into your new home.

Please read these details on this page which will help you to move into your Thirteen rental property. You can talk to your neighbourhood co-ordinator about any questions you might have or contact us.

Moving in

Tenancy agreement


When you begin the process of moving into your rented home with Thirteen, we’ll give you a sample copy of the tenancy agreement that you’ll be signing with Thirteen.

Your neighbourhood co-ordinator will give you a copy of your full tenancy agreement at your appointment which you’ll need to sign. Your full tenancy agreement will have the information about the property and your personal details included. Please read this sample agreement and make sure that you agree with the terms and conditions.

The first 12 months of your tenancy will be a starter tenancy (a probationary period). This will convert to an assured tenancy after 12 months unless we need to extend the starter tenancy because of things like rent arrears or damage to the property.

You can see more details about starter tenancies in the terms and conditions of the sample tenancy agreement.

Moving in

Energy performance certificate


We need to provide you with a copy of the energy performance certificate (EPC) for your home. This tells you about the energy efficiency of the building.

Your neighbourhood co-ordinator will give you the EPC before you make the decision about moving into the property.

Moving in



As a Thirteen customer you don’t need buildings insurance, but we recommend that you have contents insurance to protect your belongings. You can get information about discounted contents insurance.

Thirteen doesn’t accept liability for your possessions in or around your home.

Moving in



Most rents are charged weekly every Monday. If you’re eligible to claim housing benefit or Universal Credit housing costs, it’s your responsibility to make a claim.

We can’t do this on your behalf but our money advice team can support you with the process. You can call the team or find out more details about money advice.

Moving in

Gas and electricity supply


When you sign the tenancy agreement for your home, you need to register the gas and electricity supply in your name. You can find out the current gas supplier by calling 0870 608 1524 and the current electricity supplier by calling 0800 111 4005.

We have a partnership with SSE, so your energy may be supplied by them. You can decide to change supplier once you have signed the tenancy agreement.

After you’ve put the supply into your name, please call us on 0300 111 1000 and we’ll arrange a gas safety check and reconnect the power. We’ll also post a CP12 gas safety certificate to you. If there are pre-payment meters in your home, these will need to have credit on them when we visit.

Please don’t put the energy supply into your name until you’ve signed the tenancy agreement.

Moving in

Our deal


Please watch the 'our deal' video.

It’s an overview of our services for you and customers usually watch the video when they sign the tenancy agreement.

Moving in

Your appointment to view/sign your tenancy agreement


Your neighbourhood co-ordinator will explain how your appointment to sign up for your new home will work.

Your appointment will be completed following social distancing rules to protect you and your co-ordinator. They’ll provide copies of all the information you’ll need.

If you have any questions, please contact your neighbourhood co-ordinator.