Planned maintenance

To make sure all our homes meet modern living standards we invest to improve our properties and the areas surrounding them.

Our modernisation and renovation work is an ongoing process and we develop plans to update homes in different neighbourhoods on a regular basis.

The type of maintenance we carry out, and when we carry it out, depends on a range of issues. This includes how old the property’s current fixtures and fittings are, and rules and regulations covering things such as heating and electrical wiring.

Our maintenance programme covers:

  • replacing windows and doors
  • replacing and updating kitchens and bathrooms
  • nodernising heating systems
  • electrical rewiring
  • roof work and guttering
  • structural work
  • major work on gardens and fencing.

Depending on the work we’re doing to your property, you may be able to have a say on the fixtures we fit. You can find out more on the personalising your home page.

You can find out about the maintenance planned for your area.

You can also find out what will happen and how you might be affected by the maintenance on your home.

More information

For more details about our planned maintenance programme, please contact us.