Support for tenants

Our tenancy support service helps people throughout the Tees Valley to make sure they can get and keep a tenancy.

The service offers personalised support to people whose tenancy could otherwise be at risk. This might be because of a traumatic event in your life, difficulty managing your property or because of drug, alcohol or mental health issues.

We offer support to tackle home conditions, finance issues, welfare benefits, health issues, tenancy management, neighbour disputes and anti-social behaviour.

The service focuses on you and your needs rather than the relationship with your landlord.

The service is offered for three to six months to help people address the issues affecting their tenancy. If needed, we will refer you onto longer-term services to give you the support you need in future.

Move-on options

Plans for moving on are agreed with customers. We can also refer people to other services to make sure tenancies can be sustained in the long-term.

How to apply

Tenants are referred to the service by a range of staff within Thirteen. For more details about the service, please contact us