The Gateway Housing

We offer housing for people who need support after they experience a major head injury or trauma.

If people aren’t ready to return home after their medical treatment, our Gateway Housing provides short or medium-term accommodation in a homely environment.

Situated on Lower East Street in Middlesbrough, we have 12 homes including:

  • two 3 bedroom family houses
  • two 2 bedroom bungalows
  • eight 3 bedroom flats.

All homes have walk-in showers and some have kitchens which can be adjusted to different heights to meet the needs of individual customers. Our houses have lifts for easy access to upper floors.

Customers from across the country can live in our homes until they become independent enough to return to their own home. When you’re ready to return home, we work with you to assess your needs and find the most appropriate housing and occupational health support.

Customers can access our Gateway Housing through their health and social care workers. You can also get more information from our independent living team by contacting us.