Tree maintenance

We carry out planned maintenance throughout the year to trees in our communal green spaces.

There’s many reasons why trees are so important for the environment. Not only are they the most effective natural way of helping to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, but they also support and protect the natural habitats of birds, bees and insects.

What we do

We protect and maintain trees to ensure they are safe and healthy; however we understand sometimes you may have concerns and we’ll carry out the necessary work to trees which are:

  • Unstable and dangerous
  • Causing an obstruction to roads, footways, signs and streetlights
  • Diseased or dead
  • At risk of causing damage to a property.

What we don’t do

  • We won’t prune trees that are blocking light and satellites, dropping leaves, overhang neighbouring properties, unless the trees are dangerous or causing a nuisance (e.g. touching the walls, roof, windows, gutters, garage etc.). This will ensure that damage to aerials, tiles or gutters is avoided.
  • We won’t carry out work where birds are nesting, as we have a duty to legally protect them.

How we prioritise the work

There’s some reports which must always take priority, for example:

  • If a tree has snapped or blown over
  • Roots are damaged
  • It’s blocking a road, path or access to a property
  • Has fallen onto a building or a car.

As some work doesn’t require immediate attention, we need to place it in order of priority, and we’ll always let you know when the work will be complete, depending on the request, such as:

  • Reports of dead or dying trees, or if bark is loose
  • Fungi growing on or near the tree
  • Smaller branches falling.

Contact us

If you’re aware of a tree which you think is a health and safety risk, please let us know by calling 0300 111 1000, or if you would like any further information we can provide a copy of Thirteen’s tree procedure.

Download a copy of our leaflet here.