Upcoming maintenance

We manage over 32,000 homes which means it’s not possible to carry out all the maintenance work on all properties at the same time.

You can find out the maintenance and updates we have planned for properties during 2019-20.pdf

We need to plan the maintenance work on our properties over time. Sometimes this means our programme covers a number of months or years.

The type of work we carry out and when it happens depends on the age and condition of the property’s current fixtures and fittings. Regulations covering the age or efficiency of heating and electrical systems also have an effect on when maintenance on properties is carried out.

We will always contact you well ahead of any work due to be carried out on your home.

If your home is due to have work carried out, you can find out about the maintenance process.

Depending on the work we’re doing on your property, you may be able to have a say on the fixtures we fit. You can find out more on the personalising your home web page.