Value for money

For the Thirteen Group, value for money (VFM) is about effectively managing our operations, costs and finances, making sure that when we buy any works, goods or services we get the best deal possible in terms of quality and price.

VFM is about maximising performance and quality, minimising costs and focussing on the delivery of priorities and organisational objectives. It’s about obtaining the maximum benefit with the resources available, achieving the right balance between economy, efficiency and effectiveness with equality.

In developing our approach to value for money, we want to ensure that we keep in sight and in balance both the social and business aspects of our work. That, more than anything, underpins our approach.

Making sure that we deliver services in the most cost effective way possible means that we can deliver more in terms of improving services, building new homes and regenerating the communities we work in. 

Each year we publish information detailing how we as a group are doing in terms of value for money. You can find the latest information in the value for money section of our strategic plan.

For more information on this or related issues then please contact:

  • Andrew McColl, Finance Director 
  • tel: 0300 111 1000
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