Wayleaves, Easements, Permits to Work and Adaptations

This page gives you details about applying for a Wayleave, Easement, Permit to Work or permission to carry out Adaptations in, over or under a Thirteen property or land.

Please don't complete this form if you're a Thirteen customer.

To apply for a Wayleave, Easement, Permit to Work with Thirteen, or you're a local council contractor carrying out Adaptations as part of a Disabled Facilities Grant and funding has been approved, please follow the appropriate link below:

Information and fees:

Wayleave and Easement

Wayleaves and Easements (deeds of grant) are legal agreements between a landlord or property owner and telecoms, utilities or fibre providers that grants access for the installation and subsequent maintenance or management of apparatus, network cabling and equipment over or under land.  

A Wayleave or Easement must be obtained before telecoms, utilities or fibre providers install their apparatus and infrastructures on Thirteen-owned property, land or new developments. 

Wayleave and Easement fees 

Execution of an individual Wayleave or Easement agreement application is chargeable. We'll contact you to discuss your requirements and the applicable costs.

Once a Wayleave agreement is issued, you'll need to apply for a Permit to Work - see below for more details.

Information and fees

Permit to Work

A Thirteen Permit to Work is used to control certain types of work that are potentially hazardous, Intrusive or take place in high-risk locations. It's a document which specifies the work to be done and precautions required to be taken. It gives written permission for certain people to carry out specific hazardous work or to work in a potentially hazardous environment.

Permits are required for all Thirteen-owned high rise, multi-occupancy and complex buildings (high rise and complex buildings.pdf).

The purpose of a Permit to Work is to safeguard the building occupants, users, contractors and the structure, and to ensure the work is undertaken and left in a safe manner.

Throughout the ongoing maintenance or management of the apparatus, network cabling and equipment, a Thirteen Permit to Work must be completed and agreed by Thirteen before any work commences.

You must ensure that any fire-stopping is carried out by an accredited person who is a member of FIRAS or BRE Schemes.

Please allow 10 working days from submitting your application to starting work.

Please note: if the work is urgent, please highlight this on your application form.

If work needs to be undertaken under CDM regulations, please email: CDM@thirteengroup.co.uk

Permit to Work fees

A Permit to Work is free, however the following charges may be applied depending on the work requested and the input required from Thirteen. Where work is significant, additional charges will be invoiced to ensure that Thirteen's costs are covered:

  • Call-down fees will apply to the review of site drawings, RAMS, route proposals and the co-ordination of permission to work relating to Thirteen’s housing stock, land and commercial properties: £250 plus vat per application. 
  • Any requirements to attend site and or work is in addition to the above: £50 for the first hour, plus £30 per full or part hour after this (plus vat).
  • Thirteen customer consultation: £30 plus vat per customer.
  • Costs associated with any asbestos removal works or accidental disturbance will be carried out by Thirteen and charged to the applicant.

More information

For help or more information about applying for Wayleave, Easements, Permits to Work or Adaptations, please email weptw@thirteengroup.co.uk