Middlesbrough Mayor visits Penrith Road

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston has praised specialist support for families in the town who are facing homelessness.

Andy Preson

25 Feb 2022

Mayor Preston visited staff at Thirteen’s Penrith Road complex to see for himself the compassionate work taking place.

The Berwick Hills base offers help and advice for families as well as providing temporary accommodation.

Mayor Preston said: “It was great to hear about the care and support that’s available for people who are facing a difficult time.

“Middlesbrough is a caring place full of people who will drop everything to do good things for others. Thanks to Thirteen staff for all they do alongside our teams at the Council.”

Whole families or single parents can live at the accommodation if they’re facing homelessness while getting help for issues they are facing.

The address has 14 fully furnished flats as well as space for short stays for 16-17 year olds.