STAR survey

A tenant-wide satisfaction survey called STAR (Satisfaction of Tenants and Residents) was carried out with the Thirteen Group’s customers earlier this year.

26 Sep 2016

Over 1,500 telephone interviews were carried out with customers across all of the landlords in the group.

The questions centred on what customers feel is most important to them, as well as what they are most satisfied with.

The main finding from the survey was that the overall satisfaction rate with our services was 87.2%.

The other main findings included:

What’s important to customers? For this theme, customers said:

  • Quality of their home
  • Area/estate they live in
  • Quality of repairs/workmen

What are they most satisfied with? For this theme, customers said:

  • Helpfulness of the contact team
  • Quality of their home 
  • Quality of repairs/workmen

However nearly one on five customers have had a problem and satisfaction with the speed of repairs has decreased.

You can find out more about the STAR survey results and see some infographics with further details on our performance page.

We’re continually looking to find new ways of improving our services, so following the survey we’re working on a range of priorities for improvement including find ways to improve: the speed of repairs; problem solving; and the availability and ease of contacting staff.

Thank you to all customers who took part in the survey.