About your tenancy

When you signed up for your tenancy with us you were given a tenancy agreement.

Working from home

Do you own your own business and are thinking about working from home?

Due to Covid-19, we understand that you might be thinking about working from home. If you’re employed by a company and you’re simply working online from home, you wouldn’t need our permission to do that. However, you need to get written permission from your neighbourhood co-ordinator before running your own business from your home.

You can find your neighbourhood co-ordinator to discuss your options.

Your tenancy

The tenancy agreement is a legal document containing details about the type of tenancy you have and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. You can find out more in the details and film below:

Also included in your tenancy agreement are details of what our responsibilities are as a landlord. You can also read about these details in the documents below:

It’s important that you read any legal document we send to you.

We offer a number of different types of tenancy depending on your personal circumstances. This depends on whether you’re an existing tenant or a new tenant, and the type of home that you’re moving into.

You can find out about your own tenancy on our Self Service website.

If you need any advice about your tenancy then please speak to your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator or contact Customer Services.

Our tenancy policy gives more details about the way we manage tenancies. You can see the policy on our policies page or for more information, please contact the Accommodation Team.

Data protection

There are a range of rules connected with how we manage your personal information and how it's kept safe. You can find out more in our data protection statement for customers.pdf

Thinking of moving?

If you're thinking about moving from your home, we can give you advice and support about the process.